Craftsman S205 20-inch chainsaw review

The Craftsman S205 is a powerful 20-inch chainsaw. It is gas-powered so you won’t need to worry about charging it, and it’s suitable for tackling large, heavy-duty tasks on a ranch or around a garden. 

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Craftsman S205: Features  

As with all gas-powered chainsaws, you will have to top up the fuel but the Craftsman S205 does come with two-cycle engine oil when you purchase it. One of the main drawbacks of some gas-powered chainsaws is that they can be very difficult to start, but the Craftsman S205 has an easy-to-use pull start and Easy Start Technology which means this chainsaw shouldn’t require too much effort to get going. 

This 20-Inch gas chainsaw packs a lot of power and durability. This chainsaw has a 46cc two-cycle that pumps a lot of fuel through the machine to power the chain. It effectively chops through a large log with ease. 

One side effect of having so much muscle inside a chainsaw is noise. All of the power is accompanied by plenty of noise and you can expect this chainsaw to be pretty loud. 

Nevertheless, other great features include the cushioned handle and five-point anti-vibration which make using this chainsaw much more comfortable. There’s low kick-back so you can expect to cut through wood without any trouble. 

You can also expect an automatic oiler, bucking spikes, and an automatic chain brake for overall better control and safety. The automatic oiler will help to keep the chain in top-notch condition so that your chainsaw will last for longer. 

Designed for heavy-duty tasks, the Craftsman S205 chainsaw is ideal for a professional or anyone that needs to do some wood cutting and doesn’t want to spend ages doing it either.  

Craftsman S205: User reviews  

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Users on Lowe’s generally rate the Craftsman S205 very highly. Comments include ‘impressive cutting ability’, ‘easy to start’, and ‘well balanced.’ In terms of starting up this chainsaw, one user said it took ‘four easy pulls to start her up’. Some reviewers spoke about how sturdy the case for this chainsaw is and how the ready mixed oil meant they could get started straight away. Some negative comments came in the form of suggesting this chainsaw is quite heavy and ‘the chain needs tightening often’.   

Should you buy the Craftsman S205?  

The Craftsman S205 is a great chainsaw if you’re taking on heavy-duty jobs. It’s not the lightest but has enough power and gusto to take on large projects. It’s also fitted with top safety features and comes with a good quality case.