MDHearingAid FIT review

The MDHearingAid FIT is primarily designed for active adults with mild to moderate hearing loss who need a small and unobtrusive digital device to help them hear more clearly in a range of settings. While it’s missing some of the top features found on devices featured in our best hearing aids guide, it’s reasonably well featured for the price. 

Unlike behind-the-ear models, such as the Simplicity Hi Fidelity EP and HI BTE Power Plus Review , the MDHearingAid FIT hearing aid fits into your ear canal and outer ear like a custom earpiece. Once there it delivers quality sound without the need to insert an ear bud into your ear canal. Let’s take a closer look at the device now… 

MDHearingAid FIT review: Design

This hearing aid features a completely in-the-ear design that eliminates the need for parts in the ear canal or behind your ear. However, if you prefer to have a closed fit, it comes with domes that you insert into your ear canal. 

The device features four sound-processing programs to give you control based on your listening environment. The programs start at level one for everyday conversations or watching TV and increase to level four for noisy parties or large crowds. There is also a volume dial that lets you adjust your level of amplification and an on-off switch.

The FIT hearing aid allows for natural air movement, and its design permits you to use the telephone naturally, without the need for telecoil. The shape of each aid is specific to the ear in which it’s placed, which is important to note so you order the correct one. For a telecoil option, also take a look at our Pro Ears Pro Hear IV review .

MDHearingAid FIT review: Features

This digital hearing aid features Layered Noise Reduction technology to help reduce background noise and Advanced Noise Reduction to enhance the clarity of speech so you can focus on your conversation. An Advanced Feedback Cancellation feature is designed to eliminate whistling sounds while the Wide Dynamic Range Compression feature helps amplify soft sounds.

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When you purchase an MDHearingAid FIT you receive a carrying case, size 10 batteries, a cleaning tool and ear domes in three different sizes for a customized fit. The closed domes come in 7.8mm, 8.0mm and 8.5mm sizes, so you can pick the one that feels the most comfortable.

The manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty against factory defects and a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. It’s recommended you try a new hearing aid for at least 21 days to determine is true effectiveness.

Should you buy the MDHearingAid FIT?

The MDHearing Aid FIT in-the-ear hearing aid is ideal for active adults who want a small yet effective hearing device that is virtually unobtrusive or an alternative to the behind-the-ear models. Although it features noise reduction and feedback cancellation technology, it is a basic aid that does not offer advanced features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or smartphone capability.