Phonak Audeo V-30 review

The Phonak Audeo V-30 is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Like the best hearing aids , it’s designed to improve your hearing quality in everyday situations so that are able to participate far easier in conversations.

It’s similar in performance to the Audicus Uno and Ovation Boost Digital Hearing Aid , but isn’t as discreet as some of the other hearing aids we have reviewed. One of the most interesting features is a tinnitus balance function, during which the hearing aid generates a signal that can ease any ringing in your ears.

The Phonal Audeo V-30 has since been replaced by newer models, including the Audeo V-10, Audeo V-312 and the Audeo V-13, all viewable on the Phonak website .

Phonak Audeo V-30 hearing aid review: Design

The Phonak Audeo V-30 has Bluetooth connectivity, so it can be synced to compatible devices. With additional accessories, you can enjoy full wireless connectivity. For instance, the Easy Call II accessory enables you connect to any wireless phone. Phonak also has a RemoteControl app, via which you can adjust the settings discreetly from your smartphone or tablet .

The Audeo V-30 hearing aid uses a size 13 battery and offers reduced battery consumption. It comes in three power levels including xS, xP and xSP plus for varying degrees of hearing loss.

While the manufacturer states it is water-resistant and protected against dust, there’s no IP rating listed. With the purchase of this hearing aid, you’ll have a three-year warranty with a two-year warranty against loss or damage.

Phonak Audeo V-30 hearing aid review: Features

This digital hearing aid uses the AutoSense OS, an operating system that intuitively adapts to your sound environment. It switches between eight channels that adjust automatically to your background. This hearing aid also comes in a choice of colors, including velvet black and silver gray.

Another interesting feature comes in the shape of a tinnitus balance function. When you utilize this, the Phonak Audeo V-30 generates a signal that can help combat any ringing in your ears, as is common with tinnitus. 

Elsewhere, a SoundRecover feature works to restore high-frequency sounds around you, while the auto acclimatization feature increases amplification automatically. The Phonak Audeo V-30 also has a QuickSync feature for those who wear two hearing aids. With just one touch, you can control the settings of both hearing aids. 

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Finally, to block out annoyances, such as a humming sound that comes from an appliance or noise in traffic, the V-30 has a NoiseBlock feature that eliminates such sounds without affecting your ability to hear conversations.

Should you buy the Phonak Audeo V-30?

The Phonak Audeo V-30 is a digital hearing aid best suited to moderate to severe hearing loss. It’s designed to eliminate background noise automatically so that you can focus on who you are talking to, and not get distracted by loud or annoying noises around you. 

With its numerous features, including the ability to connect via Bluetooth to your phone for greater control, the Audeo V-30 is a versatile and well-featured device. As it’s no longer available to buy, we would suggest looking at similar Phonak digital hearing devices, or reading our review of the Pro Ears Pro Hear IV for a top-performing digital hearing aid.